shaking things up to see what we're made of

Centrifuge Arts is a company of 

actors, dancers, musicians, writers and

interdisciplinary artists.


We develop innovative, 

integrity-driven performance works

at the intersection of art, science and technology.

We are bringing Vice to the Hollywood Fringe Festival this August. A sci-fi live theatre-film hybrid that explores the devastation and hope within imagined futures, Vice ultimately asks: How can you survive when you have been programmed out of existence? How can you reach someone whose vice is a reality where you do not exist?



We invite you to join us in creating a multimedia magazine for the future, filled with quality content that is well crafted, duly researched, thought provoking, and inspiring. Our first issue will explore meanings and interpretations around the theme: DEPTH. 

FOUR WALLS is a sound art installation and movement performance that premiered September 5, 2020 at Level Ground Collective's second #ARTat6ft pop-up exhibition in partnership with MAIDEN LA.

Watch the recording the live streamed performance on IGTV.


 Letters to the Universe is a documentation of improvised music and dance filmed in

Los Angeles and at Griffith Observatory on March 22, 2020 for #ARTat6ft, a socially distanced pop-up art exhibition curated by Level Ground Collective.

From the streets of New York City, to the mystical world of lucid dreams, from the site of a supernova billions of light-years away, to the silent death of an ancient civilization, audiences of Symphony of the Fourth Dimension are led by a precocious middle schooler on a quest through the universe to find an answer to the age-old question:

What is Time?



  of the

 fourth dimension

TLG Poster Simple.jpg

An old woman suffers from dementia. A young stroke victim struggles to make language. A trans woman claims her identity. All three find themselves in a strange new world. 'Alice' appears in many forms, but when she/they encounter her/their new reflections in the world of Through the Looking Glass, each 'Alice' must choose how to reconcile her/their life-changing experiences with a sense of identity and what that means for their future.

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