What is the significance of depth?

At CENTRIFUGE Magazine, we believe that the world has enough “filler” content to last for generations. In an era when we are bombarded daily with a plethora of media produced less for its substance and more for its ability to attract “likes”, “shares” and click-throughs, we are creating a multimedia magazine for the future, filled with quality content that is well crafted, duly researched, thought provoking, and inspiring. We are not here for likes or shares. We are not interested in churning out the quickest, timeliest clickbait in high volume. We are the antiviral magazine. 

CENTRIFUGE is a publication crafted for sharing dreams, perspectives and musings on our world’s brilliant advancements in art, science and technology, as well as history and philosophy from all walks of life, through inspiring pieces of music, literature, visual art, performance and new media. Substance first.


Our first issue will explore meanings and interpretations around the theme: DEPTH. 


Explorations might include: 


How does depth of field affect perception? 


How similar or different is the depth of human interaction in digital vs. analog spaces? 


What does it look like to fall deeply into anything--love, hate, habit? 


What sounds or smells affect us most deeply, and why? 


What are we discovering in the farthest depths of earth’s waters or outer space? 


How deeply has counterculture of the 1970s influenced popular culture today? 


What is it like to be out of our depth? 


When do we find we are seen and deeply known? 


We invite creators to explore the meaning of DEPTH to the farthest reaches of space and time, through real or imagined experiences of existence, and beyond.


We are seeking original submissions for well researched, beautifully crafted:

  • essays that delve deeply into technology, arts, sciences, philosophy, history, lifestyle perspectives, or conceptual lenses for the year in review, etc. (please use Chicago-style footnotes for citation)

  • short stories

  • poetry

  • visual art and photography

  • serial pieces (comics, prose, music, scripts, etc.)

  • graphic designs

  • new media

  • interactive media

  • short films / video art

  • performance features

  • unconventional / interdisciplinary submissions of any kind

*PLEASE NOTE: all submissions must include proper citation and links for copyrighted source materials (ALL quotations and paraphrasing)

What we are NOT looking for:

  • previously published work

  • articles written in list form

  • minimally researched editorials

  • timely “fluff” pieces

*Our deadline has been extended! Submissions will be accepted until Thursday, April 1st. Creators will receive a small stipend for accepted submissions. 

For general questions, contact us.

For questions related to writing submissions, contact Simone.

For questions related to visual arts and design submissions, contact Bianca.

For questions related to new media and interactive submissions, contact Rich.

To submit, click to open the relevant form.

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