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Through the Looking Glass

About the show

Through the Looking Glass is an immersive theater adaptation of the Lewis Carroll wonderland novels

An old woman suffers from dementia. A young stroke victim struggles to make language. A transgender woman claims her new identity. All three find themselves in a strange new world. 'Alice' appears in many forms, but when she/they encounter her/their new reflections in the world of Through the Looking Glass, each 'Alice' must choose how to reconcile her/their life-changing experiences with a sense of identity and what that means for their future.

Adapted & directed by Simone Tetrault

Technical direction by Rich Johnson

Featuring Kathleen Donachie, Tom DiFeo, Lizi Myers, & Fiamma Piacentini 


One Night Engagement at The Clearing!

Saturday 10/22 @7pm

43 Main Street

Bourne, MA 02532

2016 production stills from Buzzard's Bay

Process: Art + Science + Philosophy   


From the tiny sparks of imagination to the full scale productions, our process is centered on a foundation of meticulous artistic practice that includes deep research into scientific subjects and strong roots in fundamental philosophies.

Finding a little inspiration at the _brooklynmuseum ..

Research is an important part of process. Each 'Alice' in our production deals with problems surrounding identity in a unique way. Reflections, distortions, and framing were heavily researched as part of the development process.

New worlds rise from a blank slate.

As part of The Field NYC's 2016 summer Fieldwork program, CAC developed scenes for "Through the Looking Glass" at TheaterLab

#artist #research 📚 #throughthelookingglass #wonderland #theater #performance #brooklyn #museum #ar

Mirrors not only as artifacts, but also as objects of cultural significance throughout history, play a major role in CAC's production of "Through the Looking Glass." We traveled to the Brooklyn Museum's special exhibition for research during our development process.

Actors #rehearse #scenes from _Through the Looking Glass_ in preparation for our final #fieldwork pr

CAC was able to participate in the summer 2016 Adopt-an-Artist program at Spaceworks LIC. Through this program, we were able to develop scenes and choreography with access to free rehearsal space!

Final preparations for tonight's performance workshop as part of the _spaceworksnyc Adopt-an-artist

Going back to the source text again and again, provided grounding to the adaptation process. Each reread of Carroll's work brought new insights informed by research into scientific studies, case studies, and deep character for each 'Alice.'

Alice meets the caterpillar.

The 2016 Fieldwork program through The Field NYC provided us with much needed artist feedback during the early stages of development. In this scene, Alice meets the Caterpillar at a clinic.

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