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A 2021 Hollywood Fringe Scholarship winner, Vice is a sci-fi live theatre-film hybrid that explores the devastation and hope within imagined futures, and ultimately asks: How can you survive when you have been programmed out of existence? How can you reach someone whose vice is a reality where you do not exist?

Vice is co-production of Centrifuge Arts and Level Ground. Join us for the in-person and virtual world premiere at the Zephyr Theatre this August!

Writer and Director 

Simone Tetrault

Production Designer 

Josie Bellerby


Stage Manager

Gina DeLuca


Marketing and PR

Emily Jones

Technical Designer 

Rich Johnson

Lighting Designer 

Chu-Hsuan Chang


Assistant Director

Christian Pankopf

Assistant Stage Manager

Kaitlyn Cramer


Mahmoud Mahmoud, Juliette T. Lin, Samina Engel, Melissa Alvarez, Jennifer Ashe, Cameron Quinn, Tim de la Motte, Roni Petersen, Jordan Quisno, John Rentoria, and Krista Conti

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